The KangaROOS success story began in 1979 in the United States. It was triggered by a completely new body awareness focused on fitness, and the popularity of aerobics, jogging, and working out. The primary goal of the emerging cult of the body was not to win a game. The focus instead was on sporty looks, sex appeal, stamina, and feeling good. Anywhere, anytime. Running became the hottest recreational sport. The architect Bob Gamm was a jogger from the get-go. Before each run, he always wondered: “Where should I put my keys?” This ultimately led to his idea for KangaROOS: innovative running shoes with a built-in pocket. The ultra light ROOS Combat was the first model with this unique feature. In 1980 running genius Bill Rodgers won the most important race in the world while wearing ROOS Combats: the Boston City Marathon. He topped his own personal best and the American record. His victory launched hype for KangaROOS, a shoe line that embodied a new attitude towards life and became one of the fastest growing sports brands in the United States. Bob Gamm was one of the first to equip popular sports stars. In 1981, the German shoe producer Bernd Hummel discovered the shoes with the small pocket at a trade show in New York. With a flair for innovation and centrally located headquarters in Pirmasens, Germany, he became a licensee and cleverly positioned the brand in Europe. Following the jogging revolution, in 1983 KangaROOS expanded into the trendy sport of basketball. The ROOS Sky Walker became a classic in the NBA and one of the most sought after shoes in 80s street culture.