CHIPIE started on December 16th 1967, in Carcassonne, south of France, right next to the infamous medieval City.  Jean-Michel Signoles, only aged 17, created the Chipie brand. At first he customised vintage second-hand clothes imported from the US, before opening, 4 years later, his first production factory. As early as the 70’s, the brand had developed a strong identity as one of the national leaders in denim. However, as well as denim, it is also creativity and the development of labels that distinguish Chipie in jeans. Chipie was one of the first to feature their labels as more than just a means of identification. A label is designed and developed in accordance with the style of the garment and projects an idea or a theme. Each garment has its own individual image, and this is what made the Chipie products with labels sewn on the outside so fantastically successful. The label came out of hiding and, pioneered by Chipie, became an image-maker recognised by the consumer.